"He was a kind of wise man, a hermit, an oracle. Over the years, the old concept of shed - hermits retreat, developed extra shades of meaning. The hermit assembled things around him, some with magical significance. He collected strange objects, the importance of which others could not understand, and worked on them with his hands. His shed became his intellectual pantry, his workshop, his spiritual home." (An extract from Men and Sheds, by Gordon Thorburn)

This work gives an insight into the common man's shed and the characters that accommodate them. I have found that working in ones own private personal space can have major health benefits mentally and physically, which with the decrease in work available in recent years, especially in the construction industry, has become a popular pass time for many men alike.
Each shed says something about that individual, the tidiness and meticulous assembly of their interiors and the constructions built by hand, can portray something about the personality that may not be visible from a simple portrait.