This work investigates the origins of plants found in Northern Irish offices. Commonly used as interior ornamentation, they ultimately reveal their transformation of the psychological spaces they occupy.

The ability of these natural organisms to alter a worker’s mood and office atmosphere is depicted in contrast with their artificial and often sterile environment. Imagining these plants in their natural habitats builds a desire for another life, a paradise beyond the office.

Exposing the origins of plant species leads us to question the effects of the historical movement of humanity on nature. There was a time when plants like these occupied far-flung lands. The exotic origins behind everyday scenes become a metaphor for the continuous migrant culture of Northern Ireland. Migrants to this country have been plagued with negative assumptions about their effect on the economy and workforce; therefore it is refreshing to look at migration in a positive light. These plants become representations of migrants to our country positively contributing to the workforce.


Migrants contributed around £1.2billion to the economy from 2004-2008 and less than 5% of EU immigrants claim job seekers’ allowance. BBC News, 'Immigration Benefits Northern Ireland, Says Report’ 28.04.2015.